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Spec Scout's screenplay coverage isn't just for pro material -- we think every script should be evaluated by the same criteria and rating system. For just $395 you get detailed analysis from three independent readers, plus a shot at the bigs. Want us to cover yours?

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  • Get Your Script Ready for Market

    We use the same scoring system for spec market scripts and aspiring writers’ material, so our coverage is an apples-to-apples comparison between your script and those being taken to market by agents and managers. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for your screenplay.
  • Score Above 70 and Host for Free

    If your submission scores 70 or higher, you'll be offered a profile on the site where you can track how often your material has been downloaded by industry pros and upload as many additional screenplays as you like. For free. Forever.
  • Our Subscribers Are Pros

    Access to our coverage library is free but limited to agents, managers, producers, directors and development executives (plus assistants to all of the above). Our 1,000+ industry pro subscribers span every major studio, mini-major, production company, agency and management company in the business, plus hundreds of directors and independent producers.
  • We Actively Promote You

    Recommendations from trusted sources are the key to attracting the eye of an agent or manager. In addition to providing discovery tools within the site itself, Spec Scout actively promotes our Scouted writers, including a free listing on Slated, a community of producers and film investors.
  • Our Readers Rock

    Every Spec Scout reader has reviewed countless market specs through previous development experience at agencies, management companies, and production companies before working with us. They've also undergone extensive training to ensure every project is assessed uniformly.
  • Get a Gameplan for the Next Draft

    Spec Scout’s coverage is unique in that each script is reviewed by three separate readers, each of whom uses the same rigorous rubric to analyze 11 elements of the screenplay. Our clients love this approach — when 2 or 3 people independently cite similar issues, you will know exactly what to work on in your next draft.
  • 99% Satisfaction Rate

    We’re very proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate - nearly every single one of our over 750 writer clients has been pleased by our service, and over a third have returned to submit additional scripts for coverage. But don’t take our word for it - here’s what our clients have told us.
  • Get Discovered

    Our Industry Pro subscribers use the site daily to search for new voices and available material. Our Scouted writers' material is included alongside the market specs in subscribers' search results. Scripts with the highest scores show up first regardless of whether they were sent out by an agent or qualified through our coverage service.
  • Fast Turn-Around

    Submit today and we'll have your coverage ready between and . Rush service is also available, which guarantees your feedback will be delivered by .
  • World's Best Coverage

    Our coverage is based squarely on the most basic principles of feature screenwriting mechanics, and our readers defend their opinions in 7-10 pages of feedback, citing specific examples from the text with page numbers. You'll also get a synopsis and 3 distinct loglines. Check out a Coverage Sample .

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Our evaluation team is comprised of seasoned readers, each of whom has experience reviewing produced and unproduced scripts at agencies, management companies, development departments, and in other professional environments. Each reader is well versed in recent market material and has undergone a thorough feature analysis training program, so you can be sure that the same standards used to judge market material will be used in assessing your script.


Our regular service takes approximately one month. One week rush service is available for an additional $100 fee.


If your screenplay scores above 70 points, congratulations! Your script holds up brilliantly when compared to the screenplays circulated by the best literary agents and managers. When you receive your coverage, it will be accompanied with our offer to be included in our coverage library alongside the spec market material we've been tracking for the past several years.

If you accept, you'll not only get to include a short profile of yourself so our subscribers know how to contact you, you'll also be able to upload your other features. For free. Forever. You're welcome.


If your script scores below 70, your coverage remains confidential and your script will not be shared on the site. We'll also offer you a coupon code for discounts on future revisions of that script.


Access to our coverage library is free but limited to working agents and managers, credited directors and producers, development and production executives, and assistants to all of the above. Our subscriber base currently includes thousands of industry pros at companies including CAA, APA, WME, UTA, ICM, Gersh, Paradigm, Verve, Mosaic, Benderspink, Oasis, Original Artists, Energy Entertainment, Station 3, The Arlook Group, Echo Lake, Amazon Studios, Fox, Bold Films, Bold House, Chernin, Davis Entertainment, Dreamworks, Pixar, The Walt Disney Company, QED, Universal, Vertigo, Bad Hat Harry, Relativity, EndGame, Disruption, Kopelson, Langley Park, MGM, Castlerock, Virgin Produced, Level 1 Entertainment, Ineffable Pictures, 20th Centrury Fox, FX, Milennium, and New Line Cinema, to name a few.


There's no getting around the fact that story analysis is inherently subjective. We designed our process to be as objective as possible by applying the same set of rigorous standards to every script, based on the criteria that buyers and reps use to judge material.

Whether the coverage lauds your masterpiece or encourages your growth, the points made will reference tried-and-true storytelling principles and cite specific examples (with page numbers) from your work.

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  • Three Reads from three independent readers who each score you in 11 categories.
  • 7-10 Pages of specific and actionable notes.
  • Three Unique Loglines that you can use to pitch your project.
  • Synopsis Industry standard summary of your plot.
  • Free Listing in our pro database if you score above 70.
  • Free Hosting for all your features if one submission scores above 70.

No other coverage service on the planet gives you so much detail and a chance at real exposure. So what are you waiting for?



WHAT BREAKS THE ICE heads to production.

The script from first-time writer-director Rebecca Eskreis scored a 74, which attracted two separate investments through Slated.

GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD gets a wide release through Freestyle.

Because of its 70 Script Score, the film was able to attract all of its marketing financing through Slated.

DEEP MURDER receives production financing.

The script earned a Script Score of 76 and was introduced to investors via Slated. It stars Chris Redd and Katie Aselton.

BECOMING attracts lead producer/financier.

The Script Score increased from a 64 to a 75 in three submissions! Slated introduced it to Traverse Media, who closed the cast, financing and sent it into production. It stars Toby Kebell, Jason Patric, Penelope Mitchell.

SUPER TROOPERS 2 finds key equity financing.

While the project wasn't discovered on Spec Scout, it's 79 Script Score earned it a key piece of financing as it prepared for production. It has made over $30M U.S. box office.

FIRST LIGHT debuts at SXSW 2018.

This sci-fi romance attracted half of its financing on Slated after receving a 74 Script Score.

CRUISE heads to production.

AG Capital boarded the project and fully financed it in large part because of its Script Score through Slated.

Brent Hartinger's DECKED finds a studio.

The animated feature earned a 75.4 Script Score, which caught the attention of Beijing-based Popoko Studios who reached out and optioned the project.

Elizabeth Shannon Slater-Dent’s MASTERPIECE gets set up with producers.

The script was discovered on Spec Scout by producer E. Thompson (Twilight, Agent Cody Banks) due to its 75.3 Script Score and has attached director of photography Pawel Edelman (Ray, The Pianist).

Matt Sinnreich finds rep, sells script.

Matt's script HUNTED earned a Script Score of 77.8 before getting discovered by SS subscriber, Brooklyn Weaver, who ultimately signed the scribe and took the project out to buyers. Aldamisa Entertainment (Chef, Machete Kills) snapped it up, and Sinnreich will direct.

Tony Shyu's THE MACAU OMEN gets set up with potential financier.

Details are under wraps but the project earned a 77.5 Script Score, which it used to attaract the attention of a large equity fund who is structuring the deal now.

Alex Ross signs with Benderspink, Markerstone Pictures.

HEXEN earned a Recommend and Two Considers on Spec Scout before subscriber, Mark Lawyer, discovered the script, signed Alex, and took the project out with BenderSpink.

Ted Nusbaum options IN THE CREASE, attaches EP.

Details under wraps but J.C Spink (The Hangover, The Butterfly Effect, The Ring, We're the Millers) is attached as executive producer. Originally entitled HEART, it earned a 75 Script Score.

David Boito signs with Markerstone Pictures.

David's script, RUBBER TANK SQUAD, earned a 78.8, prompting Spec Scout Subscriber Mark Laywer to download the project and sign David.

Michael Toay & Travis Mann discovered by Altered LA.

The writing team had three top-scoring submissions to SpecScout, which were subsequently reviewed by Spec Scout subscriber and manager, Jorge Garcia. Garcia signed Toay and Mann in late 2014.

SECOND BORN attaches producers, director.

The sci-fi thriller script by David Jagernauth earned a Script Score of 85.5 and a free posting in SpecScout's industry database where it was discovered and optioned by Spec Scout subscriber and producer Stephanie Wilcox of Rumble Films. OLD BOY director Park Chan-Wook will direct and Rumble Films' David Lancaster (WHIPLASH, NIGHTCRAWLER, DRIVE) will produce along with Stephanie and Wonjo Jeong (STOKER).

Matt Deller signs with Pete Letz.

Matt Deller earned a Script Score of 75.1 and a free posting on SpecScout.com for his spec script, THE KNIGHT PROPER. Several months later, Spec Scout subscriber and manager Pete Letz signed Matt as a client at Cousin Pete Productions.

Erik Linthorst signs with Infinity Management.

Despite having produced feature credits, Scouted writer, Erik Linthorst was unrepped when he earned a Script Score of 77.5 on his comedy, QUIET THE RIOT. Jon Karas at Infinity Management discovered him and the rest is history.

SNOWFALL attaches Benderspink

Scouted writing team Brooks Elms and Glenn Sanders earned a Script Score of 79.6 for their period comedy, WRIGHT OR WRONG. Soon after, they optioned their spec thriller, SNOWFALL to Benderspink, who set up the project at Gold Circle. Evan Astrowsky (Cabin Fever, Zombeavers) is attached to produce.

POST-IRONIC HIPSTER MASSACRE attaches producer, directors.

Producer Phillip Adrien Chambrin discovered Scouted script POST-IRONIC HIPSTER MASSACRE, a comedy by Sean Frasier which earned a 83.8 Script Score. Phillip optioned the project and slated it for production at Cloud Burst Productions with directing duo Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton (Bloody Cuts) attached.

Richard Guimond options both Scouted scripts

Since he earned Spec Scout postings for two feature submissions, METACOMET and SEA FEVER, Scouted writer Richard Guimond has optioned both to production companies. Details remain under wraps at the request of the producers.

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