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Spec Scout's free coverage library is a one-stop shop for anyone hunting for talented writers and great material. We cover the spec market, highlighting the best scripts taken out by agents and managers. We also introduce our subscribers to unrepped writers whose scripts are on par with the pros'.

What's Inside

The Spec Market, Quantified. Spec Scout lists virtually every spec that's hit the market since the beginning of 2011, plus favorites from 2010 and earlier.

Not every script that hits the market is an exceptional piece of writing, and no one has time to thoroughly evaluate several hundred scripts each year. That's why we built a first-of-its-kind coverage library, developed a screenplay scoring system called the Spec Scout Score and rolled everything up into a website designed for the specific needs of entertainment industry pros.

A Better Way to Track Specs. The day a spec goes out, we report the title, author, agent and manager info, and any attachments. We update status as it changes.

Our experts' coverage includes all the details you care about:

  • Buyer and seller information
  • Actor, director and producer attachments
  • Multiple loglines
  • Detailed yet concise synopses
  • Comments and scores for scripts above 70.
  • Genres and sub-genres
  • Locales and estimated budget ranges
  • And much, much more.

Keep reading to learn about the amazing features you’ll discover when you subscribe to Spec Scout.

Our 100-Point Scale. The higher the score, the better the screenplay. It's that simple.

As we discuss in depth on our Score page, we built the Script Score to help separate the wheat from the chaff. The score represents a "wisdom of the crowd"-style assessment of the script's overall quality by a team of people we've rigorously trained.

Three readers read each script independently. Each assigns the usual "Pass / Consider / Recommend" decision plus individual ratings in ten categories according to specific criteria. The result is the world's first, dependable, 100-point measure of screenplay quality: the Script Score.

Members Only. All subscribers must qualify as active filmmaking professionals.

Spec Scout's coverage library is only available to entertainment industry professionals, which means agents and managers, credited directors and producers, development and production executives, plus assistants to all of the above.

Great Search. Our Instant Search feature includes Keywords, Titles, Author, Genre, Similar Films, Rating and Budget.

Search for the highest scoring available thrillers, or for all projects by a certain writer. Search for low-budget comedies, or action films with teenage protagonists. Whatever the request, we help you find material that perfectly suits your needs.

Respect for Writers. Only scores for "Recommended" projects are visible on our site.

Respecting the writers and other owners of the material on Spec Scout is vitally important to us. In keeping with that spirit, we do not share scores or coverage of projects that score below 70. Also, the screenplays of market specs are not available for download by subscribers unless we've been given explicit permission to include them.

All of the "Scouted" material on the site -- screenplays we've been paid to cover and that scored high enough to be included in the coverage library -- may be downloaded. If you're interested in reading a particular script from the spec market, we provide contact information so our subscribers can reach out to the responsible agent or manager.

Fresh Voices. We're constantly introducing you to new writers.

One of the reasons we invented the Script Score was to make it possible to assess aspiring writers' material alongside the material that agents and managers take into the marketplace. Writers submit their scripts to Spec Scout to be covered and rated using the same criteria we use to evaluate the pros' work, and when a script scores 70 or above, we offer inclusion in our database at no additional charge.

To be clear, writers cannot pay to be included in Spec Scout's database; they must earn their way in by writing superior material. Only the highest scoring scripts make it into the system this way, which keeps the amount of "noise" in the system to a minimum.

By grouping those scripts together in a "Top Unrepped Material" list as well as including them in the primary database and actively promoting them offline to our subscriber base, we're providing a brand new way for screenwriters to break into the business, along with an extra level of value to our industry pro subscribers.

Incredible Readers. In addition to being experienced and expertly trained, our readers critique with a positive tone and are specfic about what doesn't work.

Our evaluation team is comprised of seasoned readers, each of whom has been exposed to countless produced and unproduced screenplays through previous experience writing coverage in development, at agencies and management companies, and in other professional environments.

Further, each reader whose coverage appears in Spec Scout's database has undergone our thorough feature analysis training program to ensure the highest quality and consistency throughout our library.

And That's Not All . . .

There are many other features of Spec Scout that we'd love to list, but if you've read this far, you're probably into it. Access to the site is free, so fill out the application form to request access today.

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Access to our coverage library is free, but limited to the following types of entertainment industry pros:

  • Agents and managers;
  • Credited directors and producers;
  • Development and production executives; and
  • Assistants to all of the above.

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The Best Way to Discover Screenplays

Browse the entire spec screenplay market in one place. Our sleek and simple database allows you to log in from any device and view titles, scores, and coverage.

Labels next to the title reveal the project's genre, it's production status, and the year it went out. Details below the title reveal market date, representation info, and any companies or people that have since attached.

Highlighting the best

Spec Scout is the only company that actively covers the spec market in real time and highlights the best scripts from a development point-of-view. We're also constantly introducing you to amazing new writers via our coverage service. If it's got a Spec Scout Score and the logline sounds interesting, it's worth looking into.

recent Scouted Scripts

When a script scores above 70, we showcase the title, score, and coverage in our coverage library as a "Scouted" script. From there, our industry subscribers are able to download the project and view contact information for the writer. Here are a few of the recent "Scouted" scripts available for downoad on Spec Scout.


Identity Crisis

by Lonnie Urven

A man accidentally deletes his social security records and is forced to hide from two ICE agents who are trying to deport him.


The Sexpert

by Celeste Parr

A successful TV sex guru finds her personal and professional lives in jeopardy after she loses the ability to have sex.


The Early Bird

by Rob Greenberg

A man who can't catch a break romantically suddenly finds that his luck is supernaturally good between the hours of 6 and 8 in the morning, giving him just the charisma he needs to attempt to woo the woman of his dreams.


Bobby Mayfield

by George Meadows

In the 1940's, a teenager takes a job with the mob to try to support himself and his irresponsible, alcoholic mother. As he gains rank in the organization, deadly consequences threaten his entire existence.


The Black Cat

by Chris Bancel

After the Third Reich wins WWII with the aid of a mystical technology called the Vril, an aging pilot employed as a sanitation worker has one chance to return to the past where he can either stop them or try to save the life of the woman he once loved.


Play To Win

by Sam Mandegaran & Kimberly J Bowman

When he inherits his father's debt to a local gangster, a brilliant graduate student convinces the gangster that he can predict the results of an upcoming lottery drawing.


The Investment Club

by Jerrad Burford

A failing young stockbroker saves his job by trading sex for the investment accounts of wealthy widows. When true love stumbles in, he must decide between success or being with the woman of his dreams.


Bonds Of Betrayal

by Dimitra Demetriades

A widowed detective finds that the murder case he is investigating is linked to his wife's suicide. Hoping to settle both cases, he follows clues deep into the past of his suspects and discovers a dark world full of mystery and crime.



by Matt Presley

Framed for the murder of a mafia don, a futuristic courier has four hours to fight his way through hostile gang territories to deliver his message that will prevent an all out turf war.



by Brent Hartinger

In the four kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, where people are ranked by numbers, a group of lowly "twos" tries desperately to stop the Queen of Spades from overthrowing the other kingdoms.