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      • The Snowmen Action No Agent 2014 Thriller Available Written by Jeff Swanson & John Dart
        On his new assignment, a battle-haunted Army Captain commands a group of scientists. Cut off from help and supplies due to ice and weather, he must overcome his past and shape his men into soldiers after the crew from a disabled German submarine take over the base.
        Market April 22, 2014
        Manager Kathy Muraviov (The Muraviov Company)
      • Nico Sci-Fi 2014 Available Written by Will Honley
        The heroic journey of an 18-year-old and his advanced robot who, with the help of a warrior girl and an eccentric scientist, embark on a colorful adventure to save their world from the disease that plagues it.
        Market April 17, 2014
        Agent Adam Levine, Rob Herting (Verve)
        Manager Jesse Silver, Nick Fariabi (Mindframe)
      • I'm In Love With The Dj No Manager Set Up 2014 Written by Lauryn Kahn
        On a work trip to Spain, a girl, and her two best friends who tagged along, embark on a crazy hunt for a hot DJ through the Electronica music scene.
        Market April 17, 2014    Sold April 17, 2014
        Producer Will Ferrell
        Director Adam McKay
        Agent Greg Hodes, Roger Green, Cliff Roberts (WME)
        Production Gary Sanchez
        Studio Columbia Pictures
      • Re-up Sci-Fi 2014 Available Written by Ian Shorr
        Kept under wraps.
        Market April 16, 2014
        Producer Bobby Sabelhaus, John Zaozirny
        Agent Charlie Ferraro (UTA)
        Manager Langley Perer (Mosaic)
      • Keep 'em Flying Action No Manager 2014 Available Written by Katharyn Powers & Ted Newsom
        The Women’s Air Force Service Pilots (WASP), a group of female WWII pilots, begin as rivals but go on to form sisterly bonds as they face the ridicule of male pilots and the perils of war.
        Market April 15, 2014
        Agent Babz Bitela (Silver Bitela Agency)
      • Hippity Hoppity Family No Agent 2014 Available Written by Michele Proyect
        Pitched as “Elf” meets “Night at the Museum,” story of an aspiring writer and his future step-children who magically fall into the pages of a popular children’s book, “Hippity Hoppity,” and must help the Easter Bunny save Easter, ending the perpetual Winter.
        Market April 14, 2014
        Producer Michelle Sy
        Manager Jonathan Hung (Hung Entertainment)
      • Probability Sci-Fi 2014 Available Written by Saul & Toby Gillingham
        A physics student at MIT slowly discovers that the world around him may just be a complex computer program, forever altering his definition of reality. Pitched as “Good Will Hunting” meets “The Matrix,”
        Market April 14, 2014
        Agent Adam Perry (APA)
        Manager Matt Fisch (The Arlook Group)

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      • Gay Kid And Fat Chick Black List Set Up 2013 Written by Bo Burnham
        2 days ago
        Two high school misfits become costumed vigilantes and take out their frustrations on the students who have bullied them throughout high school.
        Market December 16, 2013    Sold December 16, 2013
        Agent Jason Heyman, Gregory McKnight (CAA)
        Manager Dave Becky (3 Arts)
        Studio Paramount Insurge
      • The Mayor Of Shark City Black List Drama Hit List 2013 Available Written by Nick Creature & Michael Sweeney
        3 days ago
        The true story of the making of Jaws.
        Market December 16, 2013
        Agent Jim Ehrich (The Rothman Brecher Agency)
        Manager Markus Goerg, Mikhail Nayfeld (Heroes & Villains)
      • Broke Ass Bitch Comedy Rom-Com 2014 Available Written by Ali Schouten
        4 days ago
        A con artist tries to marry into a wealthy family but finds herself falling for her future husband's troublesome half-brother.
        Market February 6, 2014
        Agent Ida Ziniti, Valarie Phillips (Paradigm)
        Manager Langley Perer, Emily Rose (Mosaic)
      • Bury The Lead Black List Drama Hit List 2013 Thriller Available Written by Justin Kremer
        7 days ago
        A desperate, attention-hungry journalist concocts a story that ironically proves to be true and finds himself engulfed in a dangerous underworld of murder and mayhem.
        Market October 21, 2013
        Agent Alexandra Trustman, Jon Cassir, Matthew Rosen (CAA)
        Manager Adam Kolbrenner, Chris Cook (Madhouse Entertainment)
        Production Madhouse
      • Family Cop Comedy 2014 Available Written by Josh Cootner
        8 days ago
        A normal suburban family goes through a day from hell, resulting in a trip to family court, where they’re ordered to undergo a month of training and evaluation by a “family monitor.” Their lives are quickly turned upside-down by an erratic wild man with questionable credentials, unorthodox methods and a checkered past.
        Market March 11, 2014
        Manager Bethany Stirdivant (Book Ends Entertainment)

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      March's Top Submissions
      • Royal Apache Action Scouted Available Unrepped 71.4 Written by Mike Marriage & Robert Matthews
        When a British prince, desperate to prove his worth, and his American blue-collar co-pilot are shot down behind enemy lines, they are forced to cooperate as they fight for their lives.
      • The Memory Sphere Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Kevin Sluder
        Using a software program that allows people to experience someone else’s memories, a scientist teams up with a detective to enter the mind of his wife's alleged killer and gather evidence to prove his case.
      February's Top Submissions
      • Rubber Tank Squad Scouted Available Unrepped 72.8 Written by David Boito
        The 23rd Special Troops are a top secret artistic unit specializing in deception and misdirection. In 1944 when Allied reinforcements fail to arrive at the front, the rubber decoy tanks, sound effects, costumes and acting skills of the 23rd are all that stands to guard against a potentially devastating German attack.
      • The Last Resort Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped 71.6 Written by Alan Brash
        A mousy advertising exec enlists her best friend into helping her pretend to be a lesbian so she can land a big account and get closer to her hot new boss, only to have their relationship get complicated along the way.
      January's Top Submissions
      • Pivotal Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 72.3 Written by Dana Speer
        Practicing a controversial therapy that rewrites key moments in patients’ memories, a high-profile psychiatrist must reconstruct the past of a child murderer before he strikes again.
      • The Team Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Troy Sweeney
        An Amish teenager enters a national horse-pulling competition after moving back to his old community and must face the demons of not only his own past but also his family’s.
      • The Devil's Footprints Horror Scouted Available Unrepped 68.4 Written by Eric Jeske
        When a 19th century English village is terrorized by murderers with mysterious cloven footprints, a Convict, the Woman he loves, an Outsider out for revenge, the Town reverend, and a Professor set out to stop the Devil himself from rising.
      December's Top Submssions
      • A Stiff Pursuit Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 70.3 Written by David Francis
        An awkward museum-owner seeking investment from a wealthy tycoon gets more than he bargained for when he attends a party at a mansion and becomes entangled in an art heist for a genuine Van Gogh.
      • The Longest Time Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped 68.3 Written by Jay Cipriani
        When a frustrated young woman finds herself transported to an alternate reality in which her “what ifs” have come true, she must fight to win back her true love, the boyfriend who avoided proposing, and who's about to marry another woman.
      • Masterpiece Drama No Manager Scouted Available 68.3 Written by Shannon Slater-Dent
        In 16th Century Poland, a struggling Italian scupltor is comissioned to create a Virgin Mary statue for a celebrated town patron. But when a mysterious pregmant woman appears and inspires the artist to reform the statue in her image, the artist faces the wrath of the family, town, and Catholic Church.
        Agent Michael Lewis (Michael Lewis & Associates)
      • Rex Family Scouted Available 68.1 Written by AdamRocke & Mark Rogers
        When an eleven year old boy finds a Tyrannosaurus Rex egg in the Everglades and grows attached to the friendly dino that hatches from it, he and his friends must stop the government from cloning the creature to use as weapons.
        Manager Renee Fountain, Italia Gandolfo (Gandolfo Helin Literary Management)
      November's Top Submissions
      • Le Chat Noir Family Scouted Available Unrepped 69.9 Written by Paula Sewell
        When a rugged, stray feline P.I. is hired by his former flame to find a missing kitten, his investigation uncovers the dark underbelly of suburban animal society, revealing secrets and dangers that complicate the search.
        Bronze Family Category in Page Awards
        Winner, Animated/Family Category in Final Draft/Big Break Screenwriting Contest
      • Ultra Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 68.3 Written by Jen Hammond
        After discovering she has a dangerous spinal tumor, a rebellious young girl decides to train for the race that killed her mother, despite doctor's warnings that the race could result in a permanent loss of the use of her legs.