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      • Road To Oz No Manager Set Up 2014 Written by Josh Golden
        Tells the life story of “Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum.
        Market September 19, 2014    Sold September 19, 2014
        Producer Beau Flynn, Nellie Bellflower, Michael Mislove
        Executive Scott Sheldon, Michael Disco, Sam Brown
        Agent Pamela Goldstein, Rich Cook (Resolution)
        Studio New Line
        Production FlynnPictureCo.
      • North Of Reno No Manager Set Up 2014 Written by Banipal Ablakhad and Benhur Ablakhad
        A twisty, crime thriller centered around the pursuit of a hidden fortune.
        Market September 19, 2014    Sold September 19, 2014
        Producer Beau Flynn
        Executive Scott Sheldon, Michael Disco, Sam Brown
        Agent Adrian Garcia, Robert Lazar, Varun Monga, Will Watkins (Resolution)
        Studio New Line
        Production FlynnPictureCo.
      • Masterpieces Action Drama No Agent 2014 Available Written by Julia Candler
        Pitched as “Big Fish” meets “Night at the Museum,” when a man estranged from his family is called upon to find his missing father, he discovers a secret in the family’s art collection that takes him on a dangerous adventure inside the magical worlds of some of history’s most recognizable paintings.
        Market September 18, 2014
        Manager Dannie Festa (Festa Entertainment)
      • In The Deep Set Up 2014 Written by Anthony Jaswinski
        Twenty feet from shore a young woman is trapped on a buoy for thirty-four hours as she fights off a great white shark and her impending doom.
        Market September 18, 2014    Sold September 18, 2014
        Producer Lynn Harris, Matti Leshem
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Valerie Phillips (Paradigm)
        Manager Ashley Burns, Lawrence Mattis (Circle of Confusion)
        Studio Columbia Pictures
        Production Weimaraner Republic Pictures
        9/18/14: Script sold for high six figures.
      • Scarecrow Horror No Manager 2014 Available Written by Mike Scannell
        On a vacation at a remote lake house, a mother and her two young daugheters must fight for survival after falling into a terrifying and bizarre nightmare conceived by a psychopath.
        Market September 16, 2014
        Producer Adrienne Biddle, Bryan Bertino
        Agent Geoff Morley (UTA)
        Production Unbroken Pictures
      • The Second Shooter Action No Agent 2014 Thriller Available Written by Chuck Hustmyre
        A rookie FBI agent and the man who fired the fatal shot from the grassy knoll that killed John F. Kennedy are forced to team up to try to stop the assassination of the sitting President.
        Market September 15, 2014
        Manager Mark Lawyer (Markerhouse)
      • Articles Of Extinction No Manager Sci-Fi 2014 Thriller Available Written by John Requa & Glenn Ficarra
        Kept under wraps.
        Market September 12, 2014
        Agent Gregory McKnight, Joe Cohen, Richard Lovett (CAA)

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      • Resuscitated Horror No Agent 2014 Written by Thomas Dixon
        6 hours ago
        After a man is briefly killed in a car crash and brought back to life by paramedics, his family is tormented by entities sent to bring him back to hell.
        Market July 15, 2014
        Manager Matt Fisch (The Arlook Group)
      • Untitled Joe Gazzam Project Set Up 2014 Written by Joe Gazzam
        5 days ago
        Kept under wraps but being pitched as "Man on Fire" in tone.
        Market June 16, 2014    Sold July 11, 2014
        Producer Ahmet Zappa, Alan Gasmer, Devon Schiff, Peter Jaysen
        Agent David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
        Manager Ava Jamshidi (Industry)
        Studio Relativity
      • Jody Drama 2014 Available 70.7 Written by Chris Kyle & Jason Wilborn
        5 days ago
        On the eve of the Superbowl, obtains a gay sex tape involving Jody Thorensen, the star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. In the present, the scandalous videotape reveals Jody's infidelity to his wife, Mina, while the past reveals how Jody and David Battle, an Eagles wide receiver, came to fall in love in the last bastion of the alpha male: the National Football League.
        Market April 9, 2014
        Manager Matt Fisch (The Arlook Group)
        Agent Varun Monga, Will Watkins (Resolution)
      • Joe Banks Comedy Drama Hit List 2013 Available Written by Patty Jones
        6 days ago
        The son of a Nobel Prize-winning novelist via a genius sperm bank is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, but suddenly finds himself on a wild odyssey with his real father, a drinking, man’s-man, lothario author of airport novels who was stripped of his own Nobel after a sex scandal.
        Market December 20, 2013
        Manager Daniel Vang (Benderspink)
      • The Sexpert No Manager Scouted Available 69.1 Written by Celeste Parr
        6 days ago
        A successful TV sex guru finds her personal and professional lives in jeopardy after she loses the ability to have sex.
        Agent Marc Lapointe (Omada Agency)

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      • The Sexpert No Manager Scouted Available 69.1 Written by Celeste Parr
        A successful TV sex guru finds her personal and professional lives in jeopardy after she loses the ability to have sex.
        Agent Marc Lapointe (Omada Agency)
      • The Early Bird Rom-Com Scouted Available Unrepped 68.6 Written by Rob Greenberg
        A man who can't catch a break romantically suddenly finds that his luck is supernaturally good between the hours of 6 and 8 in the morning, giving him just the charisma he needs to attempt to woo the woman of his dreams.
      • Bobby Mayfield Scouted Available Unrepped 71.4 Written by George Meadows
        In the 1940's, a teenager takes a job with the mob to try to support himself and his irresponsible, alcoholic mother. As he gains rank in the organization, deadly consequences threaten his entire existence.
      • The Black Cat Scouted Available Unrepped 68.1 Written by Chris Bancel
        After the Third Reich wins WWII with the aid of a mystical technology called the Vril, an aging pilot employed as a sanitation worker has one chance to return to the past where he can either stop them or try to save the life of the woman he once loved.
      • Play To Win Scouted Available Unrepped 68.2 Written by Sam Mandegaran & Kimberly J Bowman
        When he inherits his father's debt to a local gangster, a brilliant graduate student convinces the gangster that he can predict the results of an upcoming lottery drawing.
      • The Investment Club Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 68 Written by Jerrad Burford
        A failing young stockbroker saves his job by trading sex for the investment accounts of wealthy widows. When true love stumbles in, he must decide between success or being with the woman of his dreams.
        Semi-finalist (top 1%) in Austin Film Festival (2014)
        9/10/2014: Semi-finalist (top 1%) at the Austin Film Festival.
      • Bonds Of Betrayal Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 68.8 Written by Dimitra Demetriades
        A widowed detective finds that the murder case he is investigating is linked to his wife's suicide. Hoping to settle both cases, he follows clues deep into the past of his suspects and discovers a dark world full of mystery and crime.
      • Cipher Action Scouted Available Unrepped 69.5 Written by Matt Presley
        Framed for the murder of a mafia don, a futuristic courier has four hours to fight his way through hostile gang territories to deliver his message that will prevent an all out turf war.
      • Decked Family Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Brent Hartinger
        In the four kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, where people are ranked by numbers, a group of lowly "twos" tries desperately to stop the Queen of Spades from overthrowing the other kingdoms.
      • The Memory Sphere Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Kevin Sluder
        Using a software program that allows people to experience someone else’s memories, a scientist teams up with a detective to enter the mind of his wife's alleged killer and gather evidence to prove his case.