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      • Past Imperfect Action No Manager 2014 Thriller Available Written by Craig Sabin
        Finally settled into a normal life, a suburban man rediscovers his violent past when his estranged drug mule daughter is kidnapped by a former rival.
        Market August 27, 2014
        Agent Babz Bitela (Silver Bitela Agency)
      • Real Time Drama No Agent Sci-Fi 2014 Thriller Available Written by Robert Cholette
        Andy McKnight wakes up from a car accident to discover that his past, and the world he knows, have changed. Now he has to find out when, and why…and how to switch back to the time he thinks is real.
        Market August 26, 2014
        Manager Kathy Muraviov (The Muraviov Company)
        8/26/14: Cholette is currently a Nicholl Quarterfinalist (top 5%).
      • Clean Slate Action No Agent 2014 Available Written by Ned Crowley
        A grizzled, old man named Slate has to recover his memory before his past catches up to him. Hunted by the Russians, the Taliban, the Mexican cartel, and worst of all, his former employer, the NSA, Slate teams up with a rogue agent who may be the key to uncovering his mysterious past.
        Market August 25, 2014
        Manager Rob Gallagher (Gallagher Literary Management)
      • Squeel Horror No Agent 2014 Written by Mark Lawson
        Lost along the US/Mexico border, a group of weary desert survival students find themselves up shit creek when they are attacked by a giant mutated boar and the madman who trained it.
        Market August 22, 2014
        Producer John F. Estrada, Mark Lawson
        Manager Jeff Ross (Jeff Ross Entertainment)
      • The Three Tenors Set Up 2014 Written by Johnny Rosenthal
        Ensemble comedy chronicles the rise and fall, and then another rise and fall, and then rise, of a fictional trio of internationally beloved operatic superstars.
        Market August 20, 2014    Sold August 20, 2014
        Producer Patrick Aiello
        Executive Erik Feig, Meredith Milton
        Agent Mark Ross, Doug Fronk (Paradigm)
        Manager George Heller (Apostle)
        Studio Lionsgate-Summit
      • The Muskateer And The Prince Of Thieves Action No Agent 2014 Available Written by Nicholas Saraceno
        With France and England at war, Robin Hood finds himself at odds with the legendary D'Artagnon and the Three Musketeers as they both try to seek an end to the conflict.
        Market August 18, 2014
        Manager JC Spink, Daniel Vang (Benderspink)
        Production Benderspink
      • Carpool Moms No Agent 2014 Available Written by Jason Pomerance
        Kept under wraps, but described as BRIDESMAIDS meets FLIRTING WITH DISASTER.
        Market August 11, 2014
        Manager Sidney Sherman (Rosa Entertainment)

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      • Alter Set Up 2012 Written by John Sonntag & Thomas Sonntag
        7 hours ago
        Centers on a team of scientists aboard a space station monitoring activity around a black hole when they receive a transmission showing their deaths at the hands of mysterious aliens.
        Market April 16, 2012    Sold April 16, 2012
        Producer Stephen L'Heureux
        Agent Charlie Ferraro (UTA)
        Manager Langley Perer (Mosaic)
        Financier Voltage
        Production Benderspink
      • Vacation Friends Set Up 2014 Written by Tom Mullen & Tim Mullen
        2 days ago
        A wild and crazy couple bonds with a straight laced couple on vacation in Mexico. They have a great time, but when the straight laced couple gets back to their normal life, their new friends follow and it’s not nearly the same kind of fun as their vacation friends won’t go away.
        Market March 25, 2014    Sold March 25, 2014
        Actor Chris Pratt, Anna Faris
        Director Steve Pink
        Producer Todd Garner
        Steve Pink
        Agent David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
        Manager Andrew Kersey (Kersey Management)
        Production Broken Road Productions
        Studio 20th Century Fox
        3/25/14: Steve Pink is currently working on a rewrite.
      • Understand Set Up 2014 Written by Eric Heisserer
        2 days ago
        After being diagnosed with brain damage following a near drowning, a man is given a drug to regenerate his damaged neurons that has the unintended side effect of improving his intellect and motor skills. As he becomes smarter and smarter, he is pursued by government agencies, bringing him into conflict with another super-intelligent test subject.
        Market June 6, 2014    Sold June 6, 2014
        Producer Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Mark Roybal
        Executive Dan Cohen
        Agent Rich Cook, Cori Wellins, Jason Spitz (WME)
        Manager Julie Bloom (Art/Work)
        Production 21 Laps
        Studio 20th Century Fox
      • The Bringing Set Up 2014 Written by Brandon Murphy & Phillip Murphy
        2 days ago
        Elisa Lam, who was found dead in the water tanks on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. That’s the place that killers like Richard Ramirez called home at one time or another, and where suicides have occurred. Footage of Lam’s bizarre inexplicable behavior in an elevator before her death became a massive Internet sensation, and this has been turned into the story of the man investigating her death, and the nightmare he stumbles into.
        Market February 27, 2014    Sold February 27, 2014
        Producer Matt Tolmach, Daniela Cretu
        Executive Brad Zimmerman, Michael De Luca, Rachel O'Connor
        Director Jeremy Lovering
        Agent Rich Cook, Solco Schuit (WME)
        Manager Langley Perer (Mosaic)
        Studio Columbia Pictures
        Production Tolmach Productions, First Born Films
        8/21/2014: Deadline reports Jeremy Lovering will direct. 5/14/2014: Deadline reports Nicholas Winding Refn is negotiating to direct. 2/27/2014: Rumored to have sold for mid-six figures with a blind script deal.
      • Shadow Run Set Up 2014 Written by Joe Gazzam
        4 days ago
        Kept under wraps.
        Market February 12, 2014    Sold February 12, 2014
        Producer Neal Moritz, Hernany Perla
        Agent David Boxerbaum, Chris Smith (Paradigm)
        Manager Ava Jamshidi (Industry Entertainment)
        Financier Original Film
        Deal was for high six figures.

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      Most Recent Scouted
      • Bobby Mayfield Scouted Available Unrepped 71.4 Written by George Meadows
        In the 1940's, a teenager takes a job with the mob to try to support himself and his irresponsible, alcoholic mother. As he gains rank in the organization, deadly consequences threaten his entire existence.
      • The Black Cat Scouted Available Unrepped 68.1 Written by Chris Bancel
        After the Third Reich wins WWII with the aid of a mystical technology called the Vril, an aging pilot employed as a sanitation worker has one chance to return to the past where he can either stop them or try to save the life of the woman he once loved.
      • Play To Win Scouted Available Unrepped 68.2 Written by Sam Mandegaran & Kimberly J Bowman
        When he inherits his father's debt to a local gangster, a brilliant graduate student convinces the gangster that he can predict the results of an upcoming lottery drawing.
      • The Investment Club Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 68 Written by Jerrad Burford
        A failing young stockbroker saves his job by trading sex for the investment accounts of wealthy widows. When true love stumbles in, he must decide between success or being with the woman of his dreams.
      • Bonds Of Betrayal Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 68.8 Written by Dimitra Demetriades
        A widowed detective finds that the murder case he is investigating is linked to his wife's suicide. Hoping to settle both cases, he follows clues deep into the past of his suspects and discovers a dark world full of mystery and crime.
      • Cipher Action Scouted Available Unrepped 69.5 Written by Matt Presley
        Framed for the murder of a mafia don, a futuristic courier has four hours to fight his way through hostile gang territories to deliver his message that will prevent an all out turf war.
      • Decked Family Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Brent Hartinger
        In the four kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, where people are ranked by numbers, a group of lowly "twos" tries desperately to stop the Queen of Spades from overthrowing the other kingdoms.
      • The Memory Sphere Scouted Available Unrepped 68.5 Written by Kevin Sluder
        Using a software program that allows people to experience someone else’s memories, a scientist teams up with a detective to enter the mind of his wife's alleged killer and gather evidence to prove his case.
      • Royal Apache Action Scouted Available Unrepped 71.4 Written by Mike Marriage & Robert Matthews
        A British prince finally has a chance to prove himself when he and his blue-collar, American co-pilot are shot down over terrorist-controlled Libya.
      • The Macau Omen Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 71.1 Written by Tony Shyu
        An American reporter living in Macau finds himself framed for the murder of his wife and missing daughter. As he fights to find his daughter and prove his innocence, he begins to fear he may actually have perpetrated the crimes himself while possessed by an evil deity controlled by a Chinese mob boss.